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Tumblr Randomness

As inspired by txduck here is my daily dose of randomness from Tumblr.

I do so love this movie.

also this is pretty representative of me and my best friend who I haven't seen in over 10 months!!!!!


So I am in the process of writing a Castle fic.

HOLY COW yes you read that right.

I haven't written a fic in well over 8 years (maybe even more) and my grammar has always sucked. (yes I am a teacher, yes my grammar still sucks.)

Anyone have any idea of someone who might be able to beta a fic. or a least give it a read over and tell me to give up or continue.



Currently sitting at LAX airport- been here since 3pm and its now 7:15pm- we don't board until 11:15pm..... So 4 hours to go. And the wifi here is upper annoying and only seems to work on my iPhone not on my iPad or on my laptop. I don't want to sit through another 15 hours in a metal tube.... Upside I seem my family on the other side... Yay!

Okay I need to go entartain myself some more!

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Home again home again jiggetty jig

So tomorrow I head home for a week and bit for my Grandmas funeral.

Its gonna be a long day of travel that looks as such

Wednesday 29th August
9:30am arrival to check in a Toronto Pearson
12:30pm Departure on Air Canada flight to LA
3:45pm Arrive in LA (6:45pm Toronto time)
8 hour layover in LA
11:55pm Depart LA for Brisbane on Virgin Australia (2:55am Toronto time)

Friday 31st August
7am; Arrival at Brisbane International (5pm Thursday Toronto time, 2pm Thursday LA Time)

Good lord its makes me ill just thinking about it. But the upside is that I get to see my family and some of my friends and just hang out at home for a bit. Then I get back on plane and come back to canada where I will start my Nannying job.


Personally I handle jetlag OKAY going from BNE --> LA but suck going LA-->BNE......blah. Hopefully it will be alright and I can function somewhat.

I have packed a carry on size suitcase that I am gonna check...that just seems plain weird to me when last time I had two Ginormous bags full!!!

Anyhow....Talk ya all when I am back in Aus!


Here's that feeling all over again.

I have been in Canada for just over a month now. I landed a job as a Live in Nanny and I am due to start in a week and half. Two weeks ago I got one of those messages on my phone- late a night (so daytime at home) that said "it's mum, ring me ASAP"

We all know what those messages mean.

It was my grandma- she had been taken to hospital - to have some test done as she had fluid building up around her legs. Two days after landing in hospital she had a "minor" heart attack. So then they started testing her more thoroughly. She had nodules on her lungs, a nodule in her stomach and several "blurs" turning up in her bowel. So it wasnt looking great. Then they did tests of her heart and found it was only working at 15% capacity. Not great at all as this meant that they couldnt do ANY further invasive testing because her heart wouldn't survive the anaesthetic. So- she was going to get some drugs to help with the fluid and work to get the heart getting better with more function. Hoping to get to a nursing home.

I spoke to mum yesterday evening my time (lunch time her time) and she said that grandma was doing well, but mum and my aunt had blatantly asked the Dr (out of earshot of grandma) how long....he said Months and she probably wont make christmas. This has me in a tailspin. When I left Australia- my grandma was happy, healthy (or so i thought) and was enjoying herself at my going away dinner. I gave her hug and told her to look after herself until i got home. I wrote her a letter that i posted three days ago, telling her that she needed to work harder! She needed to get better because she has two great grandsons that want to see here.

Last night as I was talking to mum, my sister was was making arrangements to fly to brisbane to see grandma so that Tyler (her 10 month old) could have some quality time with great granny.

I had trouble getting to sleep last night, I signed off Facebook chat with Shaz at about middnight, and I struggled to sleep even though I was stupidly tired. Around 2:30 am I woke up- a just laid there for no apparent reason, I read my book, I played around on facebook, checked my Tumblr etc. Then I managed to shut my eyes at 3am. Then I heard the distinct ring of Viber in my ipad.....there was a message from mum..."Ring me ASAP xoxoxo"

So I rang, and heard the words, I knew, because of the sound of her voice- I have heard it before so many times that I am starting get sick of it.

"Grandma passed away" and I pretty well lost it. Being 15 hours away on the other side of the work with NO FAMILY and it being 3am meaning NOONE in the house was awake....I literally crawled into a ball and sobbed. It just happened so quickly. My dad was there with her when it happened- he was helping her get back into her hospital bed after he had just told her that my sister and her baby were coming to visit tomorrow. She just didnt wake up.

My dad's side of the family is now pretty well left with noone but him and his siblings. My Grandfather passed away after a long battle with parkinsons in 2009. My Grandmas brother passed away (a single man who was like another grandfather to us) in 2010 and my grandma's sister (who was married but had no children and whose husband passed away in 1997) passed away late 2011. And now my Grandma. Its just been such a crappy crappy time the last few years and I am SO SICK of going to funerals.

But now, I have the dilemma. Do I go home for the funeral or not. Its not going to be cheap- although I already have a return flight booked for the 29th August that I was just not going to use, so now I might just get on that flight and hope that I can find a decent priced flight back to Canada. My concern is that I will get home and not want to come back- but CANADA ahas been a dream for SO LONG and i have gone through 1.5 years of saving, and paperwork and medicals and MONEY just to get here.

My head is swimming, I am hoping that my travel insurance will cover some of the costs of the flights- but I need to talk to them to find out exactly what I need.

So anyhow, that were I am at.

RIP Maureen Barraud 25th August 2012. xoxoxoxoxox


Just wondering....Fan Expo Toronto

Anyone out there heading to see ATapps at the FanExpo Toronto this weekend??? I'm most likely heading there on my lonesome....but was just wondering if anyone else is going.



So I am currently sitting in my Beverly Hills Hotel room- whilst my parents are napping might I ass because they cant seem to cope with Jetlag and walking a million miles everyday. Personally its plenty of chocolate that is keeping me awake!

We left Australia at 11:30am on Monday the 25th and arrived in LA at 7:30am on Monday the 25th....I still love that fact! It was a pretty good flight- except for the usual lack of sleep that comes with a 12 hour flight in an economy class seat.

Yesterday was all about wandering around our hotels neighbourhood and enjoying the sites of Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive. We dined at a "hole in the wall" Thai restaurant that was devine and then spent the evening wandering down the Pico.

Today we toured all over LA- covered all the usual tourists spots except for the Chinese Theatre in hollywood because Katy Perry is having a street concert in Holly BLvd and then her movie is premiering....dang it. But overall it was a fabulous day!

Cheesecake factory for dinner tonight!!! YAY!

Still hasnt quite hit me that I dont go home after this trip is done!



So, in three weeks time I leave the country to live in Canada for 12 months.


So much has happened in the last few months that are making this decision tougher and tougher and is going to make the day i actually get on that plane one of the most emotional ones of my life so far.

My beautiful nephew, who is 7 months old, verging on walking and starting to talk....he is so utterly beautiful that it breaks my heart just thinking about not seeing him and not being able to TOUCH or HUG him for a whole year.

My beautiful surrogate daughter, who turns 7 one week after I leave. Who, when she got told i was leaving, cried and then tried to suffocate me until I promised not to leave her. She constantly asks me not to go and the concept of a year is scary to her.

My wonderful sister, who got engaged and is planning her wedding. I wont be here to help her select a wedding dress, design invitation and play around searching for bridesmaid dresses. I have been waiting for this for our entire lives and knowing I am going to miss it is killing me.

I have three amazing friends who are pregnant at the moment. My bestest buddy Shaz, my old school mates Katey and Eunice are all due to have bubs by the end of the year or in January. I'm saddened that I wont be able to be here to meet these amazing new people after they come into the world.

My students. I have a great bunch of year 12's, and I'm going to miss their graduation and formal at the end of the year- and Im just going to miss most of my classes this year.

Just my family in general- I dont yet think I am fully aware of just how much I am going to miss them.



I also fully intend to keep this updated more often!

3 weeks!!!

Its December....when did that happen!

My new years resolution last year was to try and keep more up to date the LJ, because I need it record for all the crazy things that have been going on in my life. But yet again, the actual LIFE itself has stopped that from happening. However I still cannot tehat it is decemeber...CRAZY!

1. Won a teaching award which is always lovely- being recognised for your work is always amazing.
2. Found out my sister was pregnant!
3. Had my "out of control" 14 year old cousin move in with my parents
4. Had the somewhat reformed 14 year old move out of my parents because her mother wanted her back now she was "fixed"
5. Made a decision to travel to Canada in 2012 on a working holiday.
6. Started a sorta relationship that fizzed into oblivion once again.
7. Travel to USA with my school for a Dance Tour.
8. Met Jason De Rulo on said dance tour.
9. Fell back in love with dance
10. gained a stress fracture in my foot thank to aforementioned love of dance.
11. Lost 15kg.....gained 8kg back due to stress fracture in foot!
12. Got an epic dose of gastro- on the day my sisters waters broke!
13. became an Aunt to a beautiful baby boy named Tyler.
14. Managed to survive having glandular fever- avoided hospital by being put on bedrest for a week and epic steroid goodness.
15. applied for Canada visa and applied for leave from work for 12 months!

I think that about covers my 2011.....I think!


My new toy!

This post is being sent from my brand spanking new iPad 2!!!!! I am in love with this thing - I have had an iPhone for about 2 years now the iPad is not that much different - but it's much more fun to play with. It's mainly going to become a tool for me to use in the classroom with so many awesome science apps out there! Cannot wait to keep playing!!! If you have an awesome app suggestions let me know below!!!

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